#ocTEL Week 6: If you only do one thing…

How to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of particular TEL approaches

  •  I was impressed by the video about the Saylor Foundation which I hadn’t come across before. I liked the apparent simplicity of the model and the motivations behind it – free, quality education for everyone, wherever they might be.
  • I teach intercultural communication/working in diverse/intercultural teams and more and more how to succeed working in diverse, virtual teams and so, as far as I’m concerned, an introductory module for anyone signing up for one of the Saylor (or other online education provider) courses should be a pre-requisite 😉
  • I would love to be able to say that I worked in a context that could allow me to apply the principles of the Saylor method (free, open, accessible, vetted…) but it’s unfortunately not the case at the moment.
  • It would take a cultural revolution in my institution to be able to envisage anything vaguely resembling the Saylor approach, but it remains a nice ideal objective to strive for.
  • I think there are other contexts where such an approach could be applicable – I’m thinking here of professional associations involved in the promotion of certain disciplines. However, the major constraint and objection here could be that many people would worry that by creating such OER they would potentially be doing themselves out of a job. We need to be looking at new economic models at the same time we are looking at the new possibilities that the technology affords.
  • I hope I can find a bit of time to get out and explore all the OE resources that are now out there.

  • I also enjoyed this video, but I already knew a bit about Udacity. My ambition for a long time has been to make my subject matter compulsory across the university where I work as a basic requirement for any degree. For a long time we have been restricted by a lack of qualified people to teach courses. New technology could provide a solution to that and allow us to create a highly interactive, collaborative course with good evaluation and feedback methods. Using OER and different CC licenses could allow us to control production costs.
  • Making the content available gloablly could contribute to enhancing the reputation and visibilty of the university.
  • There are definitely things that I can explore further and hopefully develop. The biggest constraint now is going to be the time I can devote to this ;-(



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