ocTEL 2014 Badge Collection

I have found the idea of being issued badges for completing different activities a highly motivating factor throughout this MOOC. I think it is something that I could also incorporate into the way I structure some of my online course offerings and I’m going to look into the feasability of doing this for next year. I also like the idea of open badges that you can accumulate and carry around with you – rather like the ECTS credit system.

Here are some links to how this all works:


To collect your badges, carry them around and share them, you will need a Mozilla Backpack:


The badges carry coded information about who issued them and why etc.

Here is a sample of the badges I have earned from the ocTEL 2014 MOOC:

Badge Collection

This shows the coded information each badge contains:

Badge details


To learn more about the badge project:



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