#ocTEL Week 3 Activity 3.2: Technology Selection

I have not really been able to take advantage of the “week off” in the way that I had hoped – my empty diary just seemd to fill up as it so often does and family visits because of the Bank Holiday also meant that I ended up with less time than I had expected. Anyway, I did manage to do a couple of things, if somewhat superficially.

Activity 3.2 involved reading a text:

Please read the Methodology and Pedagogical Dimensions sections of Hill et al (2012) paper (full text as a web page, or PDF). The authors identify four groups of pedagogical dimensions to be considered when selecting a template for designing a course web site.

Pedagogical dimensions*

Logistical Practice-based Pedagogical purpose Participation
Size of student enrolment Course activity type Pedagogical plan Contact environment
Duration Participant expertise Guidance to instructors Extent of web work
Academic group Analogue of familiar service
Academic schedule
Academic programme

*Source: Hill, R. K., Fresen, J. W., & Geng, F. (2012). Derivation of electronic course templates for use in higher education. Research in Learning Technology. Retrieved 7 April 2014 from http://www.researchinlearningtechnology.net/index.php/rlt/article/view/18665/html. Journal published under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY 4.0) License.

Although the authors were considering the selection of a web site template for a course, the same applies for considering the selection of any platform. Think about the identified pedagogical dimensions:

  • Which of these dimensions is the biggest driver towards your adoption and choice of technology?
  • How do these dimensions change each time you run the course and what effects does this have on technology choices (e.g. ‘scale/capacity’ of certain activities for class size, physical location of activity)?
  • How does this relate to the learning activity strategies you may have identified in Activity 1.2?

I read the text but was not over-inspired by it. The style grated on me from the start and made it more difficult for me to engage with the content. I think the model (as presented above) is something that could be very useful to keep in mind, but the article would have worked better for me if it had presented the model in a simpler, more succinct style (pages 7-11 would have done for me).

I can’t really answer the questions as I have not yet found myself in the situation of having to choose a technology and then run it over a period of time. However, this is no doubt a situation I will be confronted with sooner rather than later and this article is a good reference to have. No doubt others found the style more engaging than I did ,but it just wasn’t my cup of tea, at least not this week 😉


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