#ocTEL Online Learning Readiness Tests

OK, so I took all of the tests to see if I was ready for an online course. And, guess what? 3 out of 4 of the tests said that I was ready for online learning , whilst what seemed to me to be the most probing test (University of Houston) decided that I still had some way to go before being ready. I will look at that one again 😉 Anyway, 3 out of 4 isn’t bad!

Here are the links to the tests, done in order by Penn State University, San Diego Community College, Illinois Online Network and the University of Houston:





Houston 1

Just to prove that I am (almost) ready for online learning:

Online readiness check 3

Joking aside, I really can’t imagine using these tests (except perhaps the U of H) with my students, given their level and the subjects they study (engineering and business). At the same time, I am quite impressed with the level of accuracy of the UofH and the State Penn tests. The other two which said that I was 100% ready and would have absolutely no problem with online learning were too optimistic. The Penn State said that I would need to make a bit of an effort (dead right) and U of H suggested that I do some prelimnary preparation before thinking about doing online courses (I have identified where I replied differently on the two tests). I will perhaps try out the U of H test at the start of the year with one of my very international groups and link it with some more general reflexion around learning styles.

The tests all basically look into learning style and preferences, computer skills, time management and work environment. As a number of the #ocTEL participants pointed out, it would also be a good idea to have a test along the lines of “Readiness for Online Teaching”. Apparently, in some places this exists already and James Kerr talks about this on his blog: http://learning-technologically.blogspot.fr/?view=magazine

Just in passing, I love the way the presentation of this blog can be changed. James Kerr also points to this very useful resource for anyone interesetd in assessment in the digital age:


One of the great things about this course – even if it does mean it takes up a lot of time – is just how quickly people react and provide answers to questions that others have raised. A number of people had expresse the idea that a “Teacher Readiness Check” would be useful. Colin Hynson points to two useful resources for this on his blog, one in the form of an advice page and the other with an online test (which, to be honest, seems to be very closely based on one of the tests I took for learner readiness). Here they are, starting with the advice page:


Here is the online test:


And here is my score:

Online teacher

So, perhaps not totally ready to be a student on an online course, but definitely ready to teach an online course 😉



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